Sithonia Hotels Halkidiki


Halkidiki  is  a peninsula in Northern Greece at Macedonia. This part of Macedonia  is really amazing. The Halkidiki penisula divide it self in 3 more peninsulas giving you the feeling of 3 islands in Aegean Sea. From those the middle one or the 2nd foot as is called from the locals is Sithonia. Sithonia is the part of Halkidiki Peninsula, which is beside Mount Athos  an ancient, even these days,  Monastery Community of Orthodox Church, with virgin environment and  majestic pine forests, these overlook up on villages, magnificent beaches that stretch to the open Aegean Sea, as far as our eyes can see, giving you the at this moment the feeling of true meaning of life.

In Sithonia Halkidiki you can have your finest family holidays even if you are in tight budget. The area can offer  a lot of activities passive to action. Sithonia have a lot of entertainment from Cafes, Bars, Taverns, Restaurants, Bowling, Golf court, Casino, Horse riding  Academy ,Tennis Courts, Marina, Yacht rentals, water sports, Mountain Bikes, Hiking and a lot of accommodation types. Sithonia Hotels have a lot of facilities and amenities. Pools , pool bars, Jacuzzi, Spa, restaurants are some of them but a lot more are offered for comfort and careless Holidays in Greece.

At Sithonia Halkidiki the location of your accommodation depends of the activities you would like to have and the Balcony or terrace view for your more private moments at your Holidays in Sithonia. Toroneos Gulf view is amazing with a lot of small islands to shinnying  under the sun at the “sparkling” sea. A splendid location, as the local called, is the Hill of Gods. Amazing view terrific Halkidiki Hotel and restaurant with a terrace look awesome with a feeling of God. They only thing that you must arrange is a time, if you are with family, to be alone with your other half of your life, to enjoy the view as a God and Goddess should do.

The most Sithonia hotels are near sea front and you can enjoy sea water instead of a pool and you can visit terrific beaches  in the vicinity , thing that you should do. Terrific turquoise waters and rocks which seem s some hand scalped in known figures of our lives. The sea bed marvelous for kids and the beach itself also. For people who needs more action there is a lot of activities to choose from.

Sithonia hotels offering shuttles from Macedonia airport in Thessaloniki so if you prefer this you can avoid  from the first day to rent a car, postpone it until you have settle down and schedule your  activities  during your stay. A lot of excursion take place at Sithonia hotels scheduled by the hotel stuff. From cruise to Mount Athos, visiting Olympus mountain and Dion, visiting Great Alexander Palace at Pella, the Petralona cave known from the older human skeleton that discovered. Villages are build the most of them in traditional  way and the older with a long history is Parthenonas with most stunning view of the territory of Sithonia.

Sithonia is a very good holiday destination for families and couples and you can have a careless, rejuvenate and memorable holidays in a Natural and virgin environment in the country side of Northern Greece. Is for who simply want to get away from the general hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas seek the isolated places known for their scenic spots, which can turn your summer vacations into the best memories of your life.These places are very popular in people due to their magical and attractive sceneries without to lose any kind of activities that you wish to have.

Wishing you the best for this year holidays and to select  Sithonia for your  Holidays in Greece.


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